Some of your best work comes when you’re on the go. 

And when you’re in the groove, you don’t want to be held back by aching shoulders or tightness in your neck. You could use a conventional laptop stand, but you don’t want to lug around extra pieces.

Introducing: The Veego Stand – the lightest, portable attachable laptop stand.


Thin and Lightweight:
The Veego is thin and lightweight, made from the world’s thinnest composite panel. When it’s folded, it’s 4.0mm thin and only adds 83 grams to your laptop

Super Strong:
Made of aluminium and a polymer core, the patented German manufactured panels are used by architects to build buildings. 

Attachable, yet Removable:
The Veego Laptop Stand attaches using an innovative microsuction pad that you can remove, reposition, and reattach without losing any sticking power.


Some More Features

Durable Hinge:
A leading European test lab has shown that the hinge application is unimpaired even after 80,000 bends.

Raised Elevation:
The laptop screen is raised for improved ergonomics, relieving the back and neck strain accumulated from “laptop hunch”.

Fits Easily into Laptop Bags and Sleeves:
With a form factor that does not compromise the slimness of your sleek machine, you can continue to use your favourite laptop bag.

Keeps Laptop Cool:
Elevating the laptop allows for better airflow, keeping your laptop cooler.

Available on Indiegogo!